How to fix 502 Bad Gateway Spotify Error?

Very often Spotify has an error that says 502 Bad Gateway Error, Well If you have encountered one, there is nothing to worry about, There are many ways to solve this issue.

Spotify is a leading music streaming platform, that revolutionizes how we enjoy music. With a vast library of songs spanning genres, it offers users an unparalleled audio experience.


One of the most loved features of this streaming service is that It provides you with personalized playlists and recommendations that cater to individual tastes, making music discovery a breeze. From chart-toppers to hidden gems, Spotify delivers the soundtrack to our lives. Spotify recently announced its partnership with FC Barcelona as its main lead sponsor for 4 Seasons.

Spotify also lets users download the music offline, and play it when they are offline, Sometimes, during streaming you must have noticed an error showing on your Spotify App after opening it on your iOS or Android Devices.

What is 502 Bad Gateway Error?

This error is usually shown when one server gets an invalid response from another server.

Let me tell you simply: Let’s say you’re accessing something through a server (through internet access). When the server you’re connected to tries to access another server in the chain, the 502 bad gateway error occurs when the next server in the chain cannot fulfil the request or gives an invalid response.

So the 502 bad gateway is like the 400 error when it comes from the next PC in line. If you’re lucky, it is simply because the website is overloaded.

How to solve 502 Bad Gateway Error in Spotify?

There are many methods to solve this error, You don’t need to worry about the error as there is nothing wrong from your side, but instead, the problem is with the servers. you can use any of the methods given below to solve the issue!

1. Refresh the Page

Try pressing F5 on your Keyboard or Cmd+R if you are using a Mac. This will refresh the browser page, and try to reestablish the connection with Spotify’s main server.

If you are using the Spotify App on your Mobile phone or iPhone, try rebooting the app by simply closing and reopening the app. It should be enough for the App to work again and let you continue your favourite songs on the App.

2. Use VPN

Try switching to any of the VPNs (Virtual Private Network), you can search for a FREE VPN on Playstore or Appstore. VPN helps you to establish a separate connection with the Spotify Official Website.


Sometimes there are some errors due to DNS Propagation, which can cause 502 Bad Gateway Error in Spotify, you are advised not to alter any DNS Servers in your Internet Service Providers. If you have recently configured your wifi, then this can be a possible issue, go get your wifi fixed, or simply resetting it will fix it.

3. Use Different Browser

If you are enjoying your songs on a browser Tab. You can also switch to a different browser to check if the issue is with your browser, There are many browsers with which you can try your luck:

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera Browser
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

4. Spotify Site Working?

You can troubleshoot by checking if the problem is widespread or specific to your connection. Two commonly used websites for this purpose are and Their functionality is quite similar – just input the URL you want to check, and the results will be displayed.

If you receive a message indicating that the website is down for everyone, your best course of action is to wait and try again later. Conversely, if the status report shows that the website is operational, the problem likely lies with your own setup.

5. Clear Cache & Cookies

It is also possible that the cached files in your usual browser are either corrupted or outdated, leading to the 502 gateway error. Deleting these cached files and then revisiting the website might resolve the problem.

If none of the methods worked, then try clearing the App Cache from the ‘Setting>App Management’. Please Note that if you clear App Data too, then you will have to Re-Login to your Spotify Account again, and download your playlists again.

You can also clear the website cache and Site Cookies from the Browser Settings if you are streaming Spotify on the Browser.


In short, The 502 Bad Gateway Error may occasionally strike a sour note. However, with these troubleshooting steps at your fingertips, you can swiftly ease your Spotify experience.

Remember, it’s often a temporary glitch, and you can resume your musical journey by refreshing, switching browsers, or deploying a VPN.

If you still need some help, please comment below with the problem, I’ll be happy to assist you.

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