Who is the Best Player in FIFA Mobile? | EA Sports FC Mobile 24

With the craze of EA Sports FC Mobile, formerly known as FIFA Mobile, going up, building a solid team to conquer the digital arena with the Best Players in FIFA Mobile is crucial.

Building the best team requires the perfect blend of skill, strategy, and the right player in the correct position. Here is the list of some of the best players in the game who have a mind-boggling Price in the online player market.

The playing style also had to evolve with each new update of the game, so it is important that you keep your player watchlist updated and keep looking out for the players in the online transfer window and look for the opportunity to sign them as soon as you get a favourable price in the market.

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The Best Players in FIFA Mobile (EA Sports FC Mobile)

EA Sports FC Mobile has dynamic gameplay, realistic graphics and +100 M downloads. Let’s explore the crests of the top 10 players in FIFA Mobile. This list is subjective and covers all parts of the pitch except for the goalkeeper Position.

  1. Ronaldo 9

    • ea-fc-mobile-ronaldo-nazario
    • Ronaldo Nazario 9 (Icons) is one of the most-proclaimed best Strikers ever. With 94 OVR, the player is fully stacked with 91 Dribbling and 83 SHooting Skills.
    • The player is known to try and place the ball when shooting with the help of Finesse Shot.
    • If you use skill boosts, you can easily upgrade his shooting, Pace and dribble to ~+120.
    • You can use 2 Mascherano cards for a 50% chance; use 1. to upgrade & boost him.
    • If you want to sell him in the Transfer Market, you can train and sell him for a reasonable price later on for a profit.
  2. Haaland

    • ea-fc-mobile-haaland
    • With 94 Shooting, his every long shot is a goal. It’s cheaper and better than ST.
    • We don’t know if He is the best, but one of the best!
    • His Air positions are the best, including the Crosses and Headers. He spares no chances to use any heading opportunities with the help of his height(195 cm).
    • Although he lacks some ball-controlling skills moves, his foot is also weak, but still, you can manage to play the Conquer the Online Matches. Also, he can be easily tackled by a tall and high-strength defender.
  3. Zico

    • ea-fc-mobile-zico
    • He is a player who never forgets to automatically position himself on the pitch, whether it’s any position in the offence.
    • With 92 Shot Power, his shots are like rockets on the field. With this 91 Shooting and 92 Finishing, he rarely misses any chances when he has one. If you are someone who likes to score from a distance, then this player is for you.
    • Zico’s only shortcoming in EA Sports FC Mobile Apk is that he has a very low Physical Strength of 66 but is clinical.
  4. Garrincha – LW

    • ea-fc-mobile-garrincha
    • Being one of the Best players in FIFA Mobile, Garrincha is very helpful if you cross the ball a lot, but if your tactics are about working the ball into the box, Jairzinho or Luis Figo is the best.
    • You have him as an option during Freekicks, as the player relies on power rather than placements when taking direct Freekicks.
    • With 92 Dribbling OVR, Garrincha has the speed dribbler trait; you can choose him wisely when in counterattacks as you try to knock the ball ahead and fire up your offence after successfully defending the opponents and starting your counterattack.
  5. Matthaus

    • matthaus-FC-Mobile
    • Proficient in attacking and defending, sweet corners/free kicks, unbelievable passing and vision on the field.
    • You can use your Mascherano to rank him up to 98
    • With 94 Long Shot OVR, He forms a good Partnership with Garrincha. The 92 Shot Power makes those Long Shots imminent.
  6. Gullit

    • ea-fc-mobile-gullit
    • Gullit is one of the best CM in the EA Sports FC 24 Mobile. He has an excellent physicality & awareness.
    • You can use Gullit + Maldini or Gullit + Keane duo. Gullit is that player in FIFA Mobile who can do the attacking and defending at the same time. Keane will stay back primarily, and he is very aggressive when tackling and strong; he also attacks.
    • If you want stability and interception. Then Gullit is for you. However, he lacks air to touch and might not be the best choice for corners and crosses.
    • He is one of the best roaming playmakers and box-to-box players. With 91 Long passing OVR on his ICon Card, his passing is also superior to the other CM’s. With 4-3-3 Holding Midfield, you can do wonders with him.
  7. Lucio

    • lucio-FC-Mobile
    • If you are looking for a strong CB! Lucio defends well with 89 Physical Strength and 90 Defending in the game. 
    • He is fantastic and a real wall in defence as he is 188cm in height, a solid player who is currently 16 M in the transfer market. He may look a little costly, but it’s worth the coins you spend.
  8. Maldini

    • ea-fc-mobile-maldini
    • There is a perfect competition between Maldini, Rudiger & Van Dijk for that ‘Best Defender’ Title. 
    • Maldini is perfect in defence, with 94 OVR defending & 96 Tackling, intense aerial duels, and winning chances. He is known for constantly going to the ground while attempting a tackle.
    • Compared to Rudiger, Maldini is not a bad player, but he is a bit costly for 38 M Coins.
  9. Van Dijk

    • ea-fc-mobile-van-dijk
    • With a mind-blowing 193cm height, Van Dijk is a wall with great tackles & 89 Defending
    • His exceptional skills include Power Header, so heading is never a problem with him.
    • 94 Strength pretty much dictates his supremacy in the air and defence making him one of the Best Player in FIFA Mobile.
  10. Nesta

    • nesta-FC-Mobile
    • A duo that merges well with Van Dijk, his 187 cm height helps him hit the ball powerfully when heading at the goal.
    • With 90 OVR Defending, he has a very strong Physique.

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Summary of Best Player in EA Sports FC 24 Mobile (FIFA Mobile 24)




























Van Dijk


Base Card




Who should you choose among the Best Players in FIFA Mobile?

It depends upon the gamer itself and the player’s personal preferences. Whether you prefer the long ball crosses of Garrincha, the power of Zico, or the versatility of Mattahaus. Each player has their playing style & also the Coins budget, so you have to plan your tactics accordingly.

Build your dream teams, and engage in competitive matches with your favourite players. With each match, each goal, and each strategic move, players aim to push their luck for the Best Player in FIFA Mobile.

Be sure to share your Top 10 list in the comment section below.

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