Why are there no Bundesliga Teams in Dream League Soccer?

When you play Dream league Soccer, You must have noticed that there are no Bundesliga Teams like Bayern, Borussia, etc. Many people enquire me about that very often. So the big question is why don’t First Touch Games, the developers of the DLS Game add such team names and players?

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Bundesliga in Dream League Soccer

You must be thinking that all they had to do was just add the names and team logo. Well, that is not how it works, Every team and player is itself a brand so their image is significant as they are public figures and influence thousands of people. That is the reason that these teams and players have Image Rights Associated with them

In short, Every User( developers) needs to take proper permission from the image rights owners of the team to use their image (not jpeg, but their name as a brand) in their games and functions.

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Who controls these image rights?

Most of the images are controlled by FifPro, as it is the worldwide representative organization for 65,000 professional footballers. FIFPRO shapes and influences the provisions currently available to players across the world, so they are also responsible for their brand name and image rights.

The majority of leagues and teams work under FifPro, but german leagues and teamwork under DFL.  Unfortunately, First Touch Games are only licensed to FiFPro, but not DFL.

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What’s the reason?

The developers never gave any exact reason as to why they didn’t have Bundesliga(DFL) Licenses. But it may surely be because of some financial or legal constraints. But they have responded, many times on Social Media that they can’t do it due to some licensing problems.

FTG Bundesliga


That is the reason why DLS can only use the name and likeliness of players and teams registered under FifPro. However, FTG has managed to use the name of a few players like Lewandoski (DLS 18,19) & Haaland (DLS 20,21,22) in the game. Maybe they just 2-3 players without licenses or they might have got some special License for that.

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