How to change your Spotify Username?

If a randomly generated username is assigned to you by Spotify, You can create a custom display name or connect your Spotify account with Facebook as a possible solution.

However, there are many ways to help you achieve a fresh online identity on this popular music-streaming platform.

In this comprehensive tutorial, I’ll be sharing various methods that you can use to change your Spotify username. Your display name replaces your username on profiles, apps, and playlists and can be edited through desktop or mobile device Spotify applications.

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Changing Your Spotify Username: A Comprehensive Guide

According to Spotify Support, Usernames cannot be changed once created. Usernames are only used to identify the user on Spotify. You can, however, change the way your name appears on your profile and, ultimately, to your followers. This is known as the display name or nickname on Spotify.

If you have been using Spotify for some time, chances are your username may have evolved from something your friend gave you in seventh grade. Unfortunately, you cannot change this unique ID that’s generated automatically when creating an account; instead, your display name (which appears on both profiles and apps) can be customized more personally.

Though your username cannot be altered, your display name on Spotify can. In this guide, we will explore how to alter it and offer some helpful hints and tips to optimize your music streaming experience.

Connect to Social Media

Method 1: Integrate Your Account with Social Media (Facebook)

  1. Connect to Facebook
    • Open your Spotify app and go to “Settings.”
    • Scroll down to the “Social” section.
    • Click on “Connect to Facebook” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Disconnect and Reconnect (Optional)
    • If you’re already linked to Facebook but want to update your Spotify username, disconnect your Facebook account.
    • Update your Facebook name, and then reconnect it to Spotify.
Note: This method changes your Spotify username to match your Facebook name.

Create a New Account

Method 2: Create a New Account If you prefer not to link your Facebook account, creating a new Spotify account is an alternative. Keep in mind that this will result in losing your saved playlists and followed artists.

  1. Log Out of Your Current Account
    • Click your profile picture and select “Log Out” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Sign Up for a New Account
    • Use a different email address or Facebook account to sign up.
    • Choose your desired new username.
  3. Transfer Your Data
    • Before abandoning your old account, make your playlists public so you can access them from your new account.
  4. Close the Old Account (Optional)
    • If desired, you can close your old Spotify account, but be aware that this action is irreversible.

Changing Your Spotify Display Name: Spotify offers a simple system to change the name people see when visiting your profile or playlists. This allows you more control over your online identity and music preferences. Changing your display name might affect connected apps and services, so weigh the pros and cons.


How to change your username on Spotify

Usernames are random strings of letters and numbers assigned by Spotify to all users to uniquely identify them. Due to this fact, usernames cannot be changed; however, your display name which shows up on your profile and playlists can.

Changes to your display name could result in certain apps and services you have connected to Spotify becoming inactive as their identifier changes, although this should only be considered an inconvenience.

It all depends upon the user, whether he/she wants to change their username. We have listed out some fo the Benefits and Cons of the same below in a summarised manner.

Social Media IntegrationQuick and easyChanges name to match Facebook
Create a New AccountComplete controlLose saved playlists and follows
Customer SupportPersonalized assistanceMight result in a new account

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change my Spotify username multiple times?
    – With the Facebook method, you can change it as often as you change your Facebook name. For other methods, restrictions apply.
  2. Will changing my username affect my playlists?
    – No, changing your username via Facebook will not affect your playlists. However, creating a new account will require you to transfer or redo your playlists.
  3. Is there any cost involved?
    – Changing your username is free, irrespective of the method you choose.

Is it worth it?

Changing your Spotify username may not be as straightforward as clicking an “edit” button, but it’s certainly achievable. Each method has its pros and cons, so carefully consider your options.

Whether you want to make it easier for friends and listeners to find you or maintain your unique identifier, Spotify offers solutions. Your display name can be customized, providing a fresh look to your profile while preserving your music library. Embrace your new musical identity on Spotify!

Let us know if you encounter any problems & need any help. We’ll be happy to assist you in the comments.

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