Chelsea Kits for DLS 24 (Dream league Soccer 2024)

If you are looking to download and import Chelsea Kits DLS 24 in your Dream League Soccer 2024 game, then this post is for you. All the links for FC Chelsea Kits DLS 24 Home, Away, and Third Kits are below.

Chelsea 23/24 Kits for Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24)

Download Chelsea 23/24 Kits for DLS 24 below. You don’t have to copy the kit link manually. Now open the link and paste it into the customize kit section of the game. The kit import process is straightforward all you have to do is just copy the URL and paste it into your game.

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The previous Season kits are also attached at the lower end of the article. The 22/23 Season Kits were comparatively more colourful with more patterns and designs in the base of the kits.

This year the kits are more direct and focus only on the main elements of the kit’s design.

More about the Kit

This season Nike and Chelsea FC are bringing some major Kit changes after the recent big deals of Chelsea. After the Graham Potter takeover at Chelsea, the club has gone through a big-time restructuring with the team and management.

How is the Kit Design?

All the kit designs are very unique and bright. The kit doesn’t play with the colors but it has used some designing with textures. The shorts are plain with the Nike branding and the club logo.

This Chelsea DLS 24 Kit is sponsored by Nike, The shorts are white with a little design of blue in the bottom corner of the shorts. The socks are normal navy blue with horizontal stripes that run across the socks covering the legs. A small Nike branding is also present at the front.

So I can say that Nike did a very good job with the texturing and coloring part.

How to import Chelsea Logo and Kit in DLS 24?

  1. Press the Copy button above the link of the kit.
  2. Just click on the copy button of the kit you want to import into the game.
  3. The link will be copied to your clipboard. You don’t have to copy the link text manually.
  4. Next, open your Dream League Soccer 2024, and go to the import kits section. Paste the link text, and click on the download button. Your kits will automatically be downloaded.

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Chelsea Logo for Dream League Soccer

Just copy the 512×512 logo of the club. It is in the best size possible. Just copy-paste download and enjoy.


Chelsea 23/24 Home Kit for DLS 24

The new Chelsea 23/24 Season is supported by their iconic dark blue colour. Their main sponsor has changed to Infinite Athlete. This sponsor will appear on the front of the men’s and women’s teams’ kits and training kits.

The DLS 24 kit has some modern white stashed on its sides & sleeves. With white base socks along with the golden and black ribbon on the top corner over the knees. The club is currently struggling with their performances as they finished 12th in the PL Table last year and are currently hovering around 10-12 in the table in the new 2023/24 Season.


Chelsea 23/24 Away Jersey for DLS 24

All the creativity is shown in the Away T-Shirt are the modern techno Design runs through the whole body of the kit. A white-based badge I used instead of their classic blue color as the white-based one comes with good contrast and goes with the main dark overall theme of this away kit.


Chelsea 23/24 Third Kit for DLS 24

The design department tried something Swanky with the third kit of DLS 24 Chelsea Kits.

This Eton Blue colour and design are primarily used to pay homage to their first-ever kit used in 1905-07.


Chelsea 23/24 Gk Home Kit for DLS 24

The Goalkeeper kit is a plane with a little tiger pattern that runs throughout the kit except for socks. The sponsors and other logos are white with blue Chelsea logo to give a good contrasting light-coloured texture on the main body of the jersey.


Chelsea 23/24 Gk Away Kit for DLS 24

The DLS 24 Away Goalkeeper Away is a copy-paste of the home kit but only it is in yellow with a little Chrome yellow texture and socks. Black colour is being used on the logo and other sponsors except the men’s club 512x 512 logo URL.


Gk Third Jersey Chelsea 23/24 for DLS 24

The third kid is also on a similar level with the dark green theme.


Chelsea 22/23 Kits for Dream League Soccer

Chelsea Kits DLS 23

Chelsea 22/23 Home Kit for DLS 24

The Chelsea Home kit for DLS 24 features its main dark blue colour, the most attractive feature about this kit is its collar, which is white. The shorts are pretty expected with Nike & the club logo on both of their thighs.

Download: FTS 23

Chelsea Home Kit 22-23 DLS 23

Chelsea 22/23 Away Jersey for DLS 24

The Away jersey used a bright yellow as its main colour, with Nike’s famous stripes across its body. The jerseys look very amazing in the game.

There is no contrast colour used in the kits, it is sponsored by only the main yellow colour, with only black colour being used in the logo and sponsors.


Chelsea 22/23 Away Kit for DLS 24

While the home kit is impressive in its own right, the DLS 24 Chelsea FC 23-24 away shirt is equally eye-catching.

The kit looks very interesting in Dream League Soccer 2024, with its white textured patterns featuring the horizontal chlorine blue stashes across the body of the kit.

Chelsea Away Kit 22-23 DLS 23

Chelsea 22/23 Third Kit for DLS 24

While the home kit is impressive in its own right, the DLS 24 Chelsea FC 23-24 away shirt is equally eye-catching.

Nike makes the kit. The base color is gold with a small stripe of orange and black on the edges of the sleeves.

Chelsea Third Kit 22-23 DLS 23

Chelsea 22/23 Gk Home Kit for DLS 24

The color of this Goalkeeper Home kit is bright Atomic Orange. The Template of the kit is a default, Nike Goalkeeper Kit.

The Shorts and socks are orange and support the branding Nike.

Chelsea Gk Home Kit 22-23 DLS 23

Chelsea 22/23 Gk Away Kit for DLS 24

Chelsea FC 23/24 Goalkeeper Away Kit is a solid bright green color with the normal Adidas goalkeeper template.

Gk Away Kit

Gk Third Jersey Chelsea 22/23 for DLS 24

Goalkeeper Third Kit DLS 24 of Chelsea is a unique blend of pink colors. Made with a solid Nike Goalkeeper Template. The sleeves and shoulders feature a darker version of the color.

The kit looks amazing in Dream League Soccer 2024, as the keeper plays the game with these kits on.

Chelsea Gk Home Third 22-23 DLS 23

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