Can you play FIFA Mobile with a controller? FC Mobile

If you are a Mobile gaming freak and want to play the FIFA mobile (FC Mobile) game with extra comfort using the controller, this guide is for you. The new FIFA mobile has so many new features, and if you want to explore the game with extra comfort and beat your friends by playing online games with better grip and control, it is highly recommended to use a controller with the mobile.

Playing FC Mobile using a Controller

Although, by default, FIFA does not have any controller support with the help of any third-party apps, we can play the game with the help of our external controller without any technical limitations.

What do you Need?

  1. FC Mobile installed on your smartphone
  2. PS3, PS4 or any other random wireless Controller
  3. Mantis Pro/ Octopus App

Mantis Gamepad Pro

The Mantis Gamepad application allows you to connect your mobile phone to a controller, and this app will enable you to play any mobile game that does not have controller support.

After downloading and installing the app on your phone, you can connect your device to your phone at will, and it will look like a PS4 controller or something, so once connected, you can go at it to test the controller to ensure that all the buttons and other joysticks are working smoothly without any technical errors.


You can adjust other things on the joystick, so PS2 makes it comfortable and gives you a good grip on the controller.

Before going further, you must ensure that USB debugging within the developer option is enabled in your settings. If not, you must first enable this option in your mobile settings app. Now, navigate into the app to connect the app by entering the wireless code provided to you with the device.

After connecting, open your game, navigate to a match, and enter a fresh match in your game. Now press on the app icon, which you can find talking on the top of the screen, and press the press button. Now move the key from the dog and menu over the button and adjust the position accordingly.

You can adjust the size and position of the control as per your need.

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Octopus App

Octopus Gamepad App is another good alternative for connecting your controller to your mobile devices. The process is the same for this app. So, you need to enable USB debugging to connect your Octopus app to your controller. Calibrate your button positioning and other technical detailing; then, with that set, you are good to go.


Is it possible to play FIFA Mobile with a controller?

Yes, it is possible to play FIFA Mobile using an external controller. It gives you extra grip and control over the gameplay. You can try any top external third-party apps to configure your controller to conquer the FC Mobile Online community.

If you face any technical difficulty, then make sure to comment below, and somebody will help you out.

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