DLS 21 kit Juventus 20/21 – Dream League Soccer 2020 Kits

DLS 21 Kit Juventus 20/21: Download 20-21 kids for Dream League Soccer 2020 now. These kits are free to download. you will get Juventus Home, away and the third kit which is recently released by Adidas.


Juventus FC 20/21 Kits for Dls 21

dls 20 Juventus 20 21 kit

I decided to make these for you guys Since a Lot of people were demanding these 20-21 kits. You just have to copy the Url of the kits and paste it inside your game to get the kits in-game. I hope you enjoy playing with these kits.

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All these kits and logos are in 512 x 512 size (recommended by the developers). You don’t have to worry about the crease and texture. This texture and curves automatically generate in the game.

Juventus Logo Url

This is official Juventus Logo Url. You can import this into your game easily.


juventus logo url 512

Juventus 20/21 Home kit for Dream League Soccer 2021

This is the Juve New Home kit for the 20-21 session. Although this kit was set to release in May due to COVID 19 Pandemic this kit sill be officially released in July. this Juventus kit is mostly white in based with black colour brush stroke across its front side and sleeves and the back of the shirt is plain white.

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The logo and trim designing is golden in colour and the pattern design is also golden in colour. The numbers design is also a golden colour. Juventus 20/21 comes with anthem jacket but since jackets are not available in Dream League Soccer so we haven’t made that.


juventus 20 21 home dls 20

Juventus 20/21 Away Kit for DLS 21

This is the New Away kit for the team. This DLS kit very simple and is based indigo colour base. Defaming logo and other designing is also white in colour.

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Shorts and leaves are also indigo in colour with white colour logo and trim. Copy and paste the url in your game. These dls kits are in HD quality.


juventus 20 21 away dls 20

Third Kit

Juventus 20-21 Kit for DLS 20 is based in orange colour. The Juventus third kit is based on orange colour base with a black spot type designing in front of the shirt.

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The shorts are also Orange in colour with a black colour dream and white colour logos. Sleeves are also in orange colour.


How to get Juventus 20 21 Kits for Dls 20?

  1. You just have to click on the copy button of the kit you want in your game.
  2. Your clipboard will automatically copy the url. You don’t need to manually copy-paste the link.
  3. Now open the game and go to the edit kits section.
  4. After paying a hundred in-game gems. You will paste the link and place it on the download button.
  5. Your game will have your kit automatically downloaded. Now enjoy playing with those 2020-21 kits.

If you want more kits like this then check our website for more amazing kits. Thanks for downloading you can check this tutorial given below to see how to import these kits in your game.

Kit Preview/Tutorial:

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