DLS 23 Release Date | DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2023

DLS 23 (Dream League Soccer 2023) Release Date and trailer: Today I am going to share everything about the DLS 23 Release Date and other information about when can we expect the new game and the trailer of the new game. The game’s release is expected to be very near as we move forward.

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DLS 23 Release Date | DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2023

Fans are very excited around the world for DLS 23 Release Date. DLS 22 was a very iconic update as many match features were updated as FTG rolled out many new features for the latest version.

Updates on DLS 23 Release Date

DLS 22 got released on 1st December 2022 by FTG. It was released on Playstore region-wise, so it was basically out in all countries by 2nd December 2022. There are tons of features they added to the game. There are tons of features that are added to the game. 

DLS 23 Official Apk

DLS 23 New Features

  • Manager Mode: The most iconic and adventurous mode of the game is expected to e back in this version. You can play the game managing your team’s different aspects like Transfers, Finance, Fitness, Fans Approval, Management, Media, etc
  • Gameplay Improvements: Teams now dynamically change positioning and make runs uniquely for each formation.
  • Improved menus, interface, and visuals: A fresh UI, and more polish on in-game graphics.
  • Team Facilities: The Recruitment Centre is available with unlockable perks.
  • Kit templates: More available to keep up with current trends.
  • Data and Transfers: The latest Summer updates will be taken into consideration while updating the game.
  • Updated Soundtrack: Several fresh new songs to keep you excited for your next match.
  • Place your bids: You can place your bids on players posted on Online Transfer windows.
  • Snow weather: It’s back! Feel the chill on the pitch.

  • Fantasy-based events: Play as top clubs in online tournaments.
  • Enhanced stadium atmosphere: More officials, staff, fans, banners, and flags have been added to recreate the real experience.
  • More accurate player collision: Feel the physicality in your gameplay.
  • Online Live Transfers: You can place your player selling base price online with different players from around the world.
  • Graphics polish: Dozens of changes to stadium effects, crowd colors and textures, lighting optimizations, cut-scene timings, and more.
  • New Players: You may find new players from different leagues like the most awaited Lewandowski, Haaland, etc
  • Various bug fixes: We’ve been hard at work for months eliminating as many bugs as possible and will be keeping an eye out for more to fix quickly. 

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DLS 23 Trailer

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  1. Actually it it a good game for myself but there are some issue like players celebration ,boots types and various league like champions league, europe league which they are needed to look out and modify this game on that aspects.But also I would like to see if there a Afrocan dream league which compose the teams of Africa..


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