Al Nassr FC Kits for DLS 24 | Dream league Soccer 2024

Download Al Nassr FC 24/25 Kits for Dream League Soccer 2024. All the links for Al Nassr Home, Away, and Third Kits are given below.

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Al Nassr FC 24/25 Kits for Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24)

Download Al Nassr 24/25 Kits for DLS 24 below. You don’t have to copy the kit link manually. Now open the link and paste it into the customize kit section of the game.

More about the Kit

The Al Nassr’s home, away, and third shirts are a testament to Al Nassr’s prestige and heritage. The home shirt is a bright yellow, the away shirt is a deep red, and the third shirt is a vibrant blue. The shirts were all designed by Duneus, the technical sponsor of Al Nassr.

DLS 24 Al Nassr Kits come with modern technology and the traditional craftsmanship of Duneus’ employees, each kit breathes life and energy. The intricate details in the fabric of each shirt result in a luxurious, classy look. The bold colours of the home, away, and third shirts will no doubt draw attention on and off the pitch.

The Club’s Logo colour, however, has been made a bit brighter than before. Together, these colours and designs create a stunning and powerful image that signifies Al Nassr’s strength, spirit, and prowess.

Al Nassr DLS 24 Away Kit’s gorgeous design and colour combination strongly remind us of Al Nassr’s commitment to excellence. It is proof that the Al Nassr team will not back down from any challenge, no matter how tough.

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Al Nassr (New) Logo for Dream League Soccer

This logo was recently introduced to replace the old logo. This logo gives a more modern look. The new logo is more focused on the team, whereas the old logo was more focused on representing the club & the country as a whole. The intricate details on each shirt are sure to draw attention to Al Nassr’s skill and courage to victory.

Al Nassr FC New Logo

Al Nassr 24/25 Home for DLS 24

The Club retained its historical Yellow colour with a deep blue colour stash design on the side edges. The shorts are blue and dark in colour having the Adidas and club’s logo.


Al Nassr 24/25 Away for DLS 24


Al Nassr 24/25 3rd for DLS 24

The base of the DLS 24 kits is deep blue and has yellow-coloured stashes and other designs and logos.


22/23 Kits


Al Nassr 22/23 Home Kit for DLS 24

Duneus have sponsored the new Al Nassr 23/24 Kits DLS 24, with Shurfah being the primary sponsor. The kit has retained its iconic yellow colour, representing the expansive and majestic desert of Arabia.


Al Nassr 23/24 Away Kit for DLS 24

The away kit features a similar design to the main kit, with each piece of the design outlined in dark matte blue. The yellow colour represents the logo and other designs, emphasizing their importance.

The colour of the kits is similar to last season’s kit, although there are some design changes and other minor tweaks on the kit.


Al Nassr 23/24 Third Kit for DLS 24

This is Al Nassr Kits DLS 24 3rd of Al Nassr having the modern plain chrome blue, with a golden finish and the logo and sponsor.


Goalkeeper (23/24) Home Kit for Al Nassr DLS 2024


Al Nassr 23/24 Gk Away Kit for DLS 2024

This year the club has released the black-coloured kit with a little textured design throughout the kit body.

The third Gk Kit has the Logo and branding on the sleeves and the shorts. The main sponsor ‘KAFD’ is on the main chest with white colour.


Al Nassr 23/24 Goalkeeper Third Kit for DLS 2024


How to get an Al Nassr 23/24 Kit for Dream League Soccer 2024?

  1. Press the Copy button above the link of the kit.
  2. Just click the copy button of the kit you want to import into the game.
  3. The link will be copied to your clipboard. You don’t have to copy the link text manually.
  4. Next, open your Dream League Soccer 2024 go to the import kids section paste the link text, and click on the download button Your kits will automatically be downloaded.

I hope you like these Al Nassr Kits DLS 24. if you want more kits like these then Be sure to share them with your friends so that we get encouraged to make more kits like these. Thanks for Downloading.

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