Everything you need to know about the new DLS 24!

The new version of the Dream League series just got released worldwide; the game has many interesting editions this year, and many good cutscenes added, including new players, card design, etc this year in DLS 24.

The New DLS 24 Update is here!

As a DLS player, it is important to understand the game and be informed about all the major changes in this year’s brand-new version of the DLS Series. From gameplay tweaks to groundbreaking additions, join me as we explore the intricacies of DLS 24, showcasing every detail that makes this version a must-play for soccer gaming enthusiasts.

Season Update

DLS 24 was just a season update, so all the team players and others in the game will be carried over to the New Dream League version; so you don’t have to worry about those assets as they will be transferred to the new game.

However, if you release the players present in the old game, you may not find them in the transfer market again, so make sure you have them in your team. Don’t Release them out for any reason because you will not be able to sign them again!

Getting Coins and Diamonds is easier!

The game has added many new ways to collect the coins and increased the quantity of in-game Diamonds you get as the reward. You always have a choice to download DLS 24 Mod to get the unmetered resources to enjoy the game without any restrictions.

New User Interface

This year’s theme is dark blue, with Rodrygo and Kevin De Bruyne as their main Hero on the splash screen. The theme has been inspired by the DLS 20 cover, with the brand ambassador wearing a similar shirt in sky blue and light pink. YOu can also customise your team and game with your own custom kit in the game.

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Dream Draft

This is a new type of game mode introduced by FTG where you can draft a team of star players and compete against the AI team to win exciting rewards such as diamonds. After unlocking this mode by paying the real money in Play Store/App Store, you can choose your favourite players with 75 + rated teams and at least one-star player to complete for grade prices.


You have to choose between two formations before you start the campaign. You are followed by choosing your team’s star captain and then your full team gradually by choosing players for each position individually.

Goalkeeper Animations and Reactions

There are lots of exciting goalkeeper animations and cut scenes being added in the game, which makes the game fresh to the regular player as it is necessary to have brand new animations to cure the boredom off the old player’s mind as they are used to watching the same celebrations again and again.

There are also some instances where you can see your manager and players fighting when there is any disease match, and the results come out as a draw.

New Signing Animation

Special dew care has been taken on signing animation as we can see some legendary and realistic signing ceremony cut scenes added in the game, with one being the player standing on the sideboard and one of the trending actions where the player stands to the crowds with his arms stretched wide and a serious look.


Longer Injury Time

Special considerations have been made for the injury time as it has been made longer so that you can at least complete 223 attacks in the additional minutes given to you after the 20 minutes of the game ends.

The most detailed and mind-boggling feature made available was the addition of injury time, which increases as you play games during injury time, and there is a lot of wasted time due to free cake throwings or even set pieces.

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DLS 24 All New Features


Compared to the game’s earlier version, the crowd was just made as 2D boards with only two-dimensional figures on the side of fields. Contrary to that, now the elements have been changed to a 3D model, which also reacts but has a very low-quality render as the game has to save the CPU process share for other computing processes for other game mechanics.


Cup Ceremony

A new stand and cup celebration have been introduced, with the players celebrating under the big purple banner with the word CHAMPION written over it with the white colour.


New Songs

A new playlist has been introduced and is played when you hover over the menu section of the game. All these songs are copyrighted and registered with labels. Make sure you turn it off in the options before streaming the game to any of your social media to avoid copyright claims. The songs which are used are as follows:

  • All I Need by Jake Bugg
  • Messy in Heaven by Venbee, Goddard
  • If We Ever Broke Up by Mae Stephens
  • Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Fender
  • Stop this Flame by Celeste
  • BMW by Bad Boy Chiller Crew
  • Sarajevo by The K’s

Hundreds of small cutscenes are also being introduced. It is quite difficult to write down in one place, but we have covered most of them above. It is necessary to bring these small tweaks into the gameplay to make the game look like it is evolving with time.

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