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Download EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Apk Obb Data for your Android Devices. The New Season has realistic graphics & the new “Tactical Fluidity” system, which makes the game physics more realistic. You can also download the FC 24 Mobile Apk from the Play Store, but here, you can download the Apk directly without boundaries.

EA Sports FC Mobile’s Release Date was 26th September, But still, the game profoundly impacted the mobile gaming community. The introduction of New Gameplay Mechanics gave the game new life and social Recognition.

EA Sports Mobile FIFA

In the age of smartphones, mobile gaming is making new peaks every year; in their first-ever season of EA Sports FC 24 on Mobile Phones, EA had made sure to provide console-quality footballing experiences at their fingertips.

It is not just another addition to the old-school FIFA Mobile, but it has brought some fantastic changes to the game. EA Sports is a titan in the gaming development. FC 24 mobile is no exception to it. It meets the expectation of both visually stunning and gameplay-intensive features.

How to download EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Apk?

  1. First, you must download EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Apk Mediafıre. You can do so by pressing the download button given above.
  2. Now you have to extract the downloaded zip file using the ZArchiver App, After extracting you’ll be left with the game File.
  3. Now Open the APk file and press the Install button.
  4. Move the Obb folder to ‘Android>Obb’
  5. Similarly, Move the Data folder to ‘Android>Data’
  6. For the Point 4&5, I would highly recommend you to watch the installation tutorial.
  7. After installing the EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Apk Chino & moving the obb & data folder, you are done, now you can download and enjoy the game.

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Apk Obb (1.76 GB)

Direct Link (1.76 GB)

Mediafire Link (1.76 GB)

Mega Link (1.76 GB)

File Size: 1.77GB (The zip file includes Apk+Data+Obb file in it.)

Note: This is the modified version of FIFA 16, which has been modified to look like FC Mobile 24, all the in-game updates have been done already.

EA Sports Mobile Features

FC Mobile is more than just a successor to the FIFA mobile series. This year, the game has many new features and game modes. Here are some of the top features that you can find in the new game:

  1. Enhanced AI:
    • Although you can change the difficulty in the settings, the introduction of AI has made the game more dynamic.
    • The opponents respond dynamically to the in-game situations, adapting to the player’s playing style.
  2. Updated Kits:
    • All the latest season kits have been updated in the data file of the game, Download the latest version of FIFA 2024 Mod 14 EA Sports FC 24 Apk from the download button given above.
  3. Ultra-Realistic Graphics:
    • With modern mobile GPUs in the market! Now, the mobile game offers console-like graphics with detailed player models and dynamic shadows, making the game graphics ultra-realistic.
  4. New Game Modes:
    • Kick-Off: you can directly play the match of your team and any other team of your choice from any given league. You can choose the match setting of your choice; there are no restrictions here.
    • Career Modes: Here, you can start the most exciting part of the game. You have a new journey as a player and then live a professional footballer’s career as you go through the higher-tier games.
    • Tournament Mode: This allow you to play a competitive knockout matches against top teams around the world. WIn the ultimate trophy after defeating all the other opponets.
    • Classic Match: you can play any famous scenario in football history; the scenarios are already saved in the game, and you can choose between them.
  5. Graphics and Realism:
    • Whether the detailed shadows or the player’s reaction to the game, the game provides a good football experience. EA Sports has always prioritized realistic graphics and FC 24 mobile stands firms on the case.
  6. Ultimate Team (FUT):
    • This mode doesn’t work, as this only works when the game is played online, but unfortunately, as this is the mod of another game, the online game modes don’t work on this.
  7. Create New PLayer:
    • You can begin your career as a young prodigy and work your way through the football world. You can either choose to end your career as a manager or even choose to retire your player from the game.


How is the Game for Mobile?

When it comes to soccer games, only a few developers can match the legacy of EA Sports. They have attracted the title change and made the game more expansive and immersive. With detailed, unparalleled graphics and high-definition player models, the developers have completed the game with rich modes and integrated Real-world events.

The game is a top-notch game present on mobile phones, but you have to make sure that your phone has enough storage and at least 2 GB of RAM requirement, to run the game smoothly.

Why play FC Mobile?

  • The game already had the established fan base of FIFA Mobile & with a very familiar gameplay.
  • Consistent Updates are made to keep up with the new squads and kits.
  • Enhanced customization offers a personalized experience.

EA Sports FC vs FIFA

ea-sports-fc-24 ea-fc-24-mobile

With the introduction of EA Sports FIFA Mobile Download, the FIFA game series has now been taken over by EA. With a commitment to authentic Gameplay & visuals, the game is there to compete with FIFA in every possible terms.

Whether it’s gameplay mechanics or graphical fidelity, the match ambience has been top-notch in FC Mobile. FC Mobile has established a familiar fan base with many game modes and other Personalization features like team customization, player transfers, tailored tactics, etc.

Only the game title separates the two; the authentic gaming sense remains the same. As FIFA is no longer taking its gaming series forward, there will be only one game, i.e. EA Sports FC, representing innovation and a fresh perspective.


If you want to grasp the latest information and news on the game, join the EA Sports FC Reddit Community. There are various discussion threads, Memes, Concept Arts, and Player Analysis.

Final Words

FC Mobile offers plenty of entertainment opportunities and football simulation with all the real world’s iconic moments. The game promises and delivers an overall comprehensive football experience.

If you have a good mobile phone, then you should try this mod as the graphics and gaming details are very fine and it really gives a console feeling on your smartphone. Our Admin, Major Dominates highly recommends you try this FC 24 Mod, it’s worth downloading.

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