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EA Sports FC Mobile 24 is back with its December 2023 update. It is a patch update where the developers have addressed the major gameplay issues & feedback that gamers keep complaining about.

Although the most annoying thing in the game is its Market itself, EA Sports has not paid any special heed to this issue but instead worked on the smaller issues and gameplay improvements.

The game market gets broken when a new Superstar player is available, so to finance that player, everyone goes on to sell their players; this, in turn, crashes the player’s prices. You are often stuck in this position, especially when selling rank-up players.

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EA Sports FC Mobile Update

Many changes have been made to make the player represent their true Attributes and Stamina in the game; this makes this EA Sports FC Mobile Update more realistic and more reasonably correct.

Bug Fixes for VS Attack Mode

  • The ball is spawning far from the player during the chance in VS attack mode.
  • CB starting with the ball during the Attacking Chance in VS Attack mode.
  • EA Sports FC Mobile Black Screen between Chances has been fixed.

Passing Improvements

  • Ball Passing Speed for grounded Passes has been increased to improve BUild Up Play.
  • New Contextual Dinxed Pass, so the defender near your player cannot intercept the ball after the ball leaves your player’s feet.
  • Improve unrealistic fast headers and shots while using the driven Lob Pass.

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FC Mobile New Dribbling Improvements

  • In this FC Mobile Update, Dribble Speed is more Explosive and Faster.
  • Faster Job Dribble Turns, especially for taller players.
  • When your player is tired, it will impact your player’s running and dribbling ability.

Manager Mode

  • AI Opponents will play more intelligently in the Manager Mode, as they better represent their real attributes with their performance.
  • Players will shoot the balls with more power and accuracy; a bug associated with shooting in manager mode has also been fixed in this EA Sports FC Mobile Update.
  • Cross merchants will have difficulty scoring, as developers have noticed many players dribbling the ball toward the corner and continuously sending the cross balls to score the goals. This is the most anticipated thing the player will love.
  • Teams OVR will better represent the team’s on-pitch performance more reasonably and realistically.

Other Improvements

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, there are a few Other Adjustments made to the game. The Defenders are now more active and closing the open spaces in defence quickly. Efforts have been made to reduce the delay, which has made the joystick movement more smooth. Irrespective of the position of the player, the Level Up Cards are now totally performing up to their

What are your thoughts on this update?

Please share your thoughts on this new update as we embark on the new FC Mobile journey together. Each gamer’s subjective perception of the game is the number of substitutions, Red Card suspension, Real-time injury crisis or any other feature of FIFA Mobile.

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