eFootball PES 2022 Mobile Release Date on Playstore

PES 22 Mobile (Release Date) is one of the most pioneering football games on mobile. Fans are very excited about the eFootball 2022 Mobile Release Date and it new update of the game by Konami.

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Everything was set in motion with just sheer will and an idea of making an ultra-modern football gaming platform, but Konami got very negative feedback on their PC and Console Version of the game, So they decided to postpone the game, So they don’t mess up the Mobile version just as they messed up PC & Console version in terms of Graphics and Glitches

eFootball 2022 Mobile Release Date

efootball 2022 mobile PES 22

The goal was to remake the unrivaled football experience, from trifling elements on the field to the players’ action—even the supporters cheering in the arena.

To accomplish all this, Konami finally decided to make a new football game engine from the scratch, with a kicking animation system and enriched game commands- eFootball Mobile 2022

They started making from the ground up the quintessential gameplay experience, including high points of thrill in every nook and corner, counting the method of player signing and development work.

PES 22 Mobile Release Date

Go great up for an ultra-modern football gaming experience by Spring 2022. So we can expect eFootball Mobile around March – April (Spring 2022).

eFootball Mobile Release Date will be released on 2nd June 2022. Konami released an official announcement regarding the release date on its website. The console version of the New football 2022 got released on 14th April 2022.

EFootball Mobile v1.1.0

Why the game has been postponed?

The mobile version of eFootball Mobile Release Date was postponed due to many reasons, majorly due to the bad audience review on the PC/Console Version. This was the best possible way for Konami to maintain its position in the Mobile segment and release the game without any problems and bugs to maintain the level of enthusiasm shown by the fans of eFootball PES 2021 Mobile over the past years.

With the flawless football experience with PES 22 Mobile Release Date. This will launch as an update to the eFootball PES 2021 in place of a totally distinct game. It is also rumored that the eFootball Mobile Gamers will be able to play the 11v11 game vs the PC Gamers on a real-time basis.

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What features can we expect eFootball Pes Mobile 22?

  • Referee (on the pitch)
  • Payer name on Jersey
  • Substitution & Injury Cutscenes
  • Stadium Customization
  • Pre-Match Players Introduction
  • PvP Mode (cross-platform compatibility)
  • Legendary Cards (Iconic Moments)

eFootball™ 2022 Official Trailer

Will there be Assets Carryover in eFootball PES Mobile?

Looking at the previous records of Konami, and also the details published on the official handles of the developers. It is very much evident that there is going to be an asset carryover.

You may ask now what’s going to happen to the rest of the assets; which is going to be very hard for us to believe but we have to move on from it. While doing so we should remember that the game is going under a drastic makeover. So we have to make these sacrifices for the better.

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