2K FIFA Mobile Release Date & Updates | New FIFA Game Coming Soon?

With the latest advancement in the LEGO 2K25 game, new rumours are emerging in FIFA. It is working with Take-Two Interactive Gaming Studio to make a new soccer game, 2k FIFA, to compete with EA Sports and their latest independent franchisee, FC Mobile.

With the mobile gaming base increasing with time, there may be a mobile version of the 2K FIFA game. Due to its portability, the game’s download numbers are at an all-time high.

This is good news for all mobile gamers. With the advancement of other mobile games like Dream League Soccer, FC mobile, eFootball, Be A Pro Football, etc., this addition will bring more competition and have a positive impact on the development of the mobile gaming industry.

FIFA 2k Logo Concept

2k FIFA Mobile Release Date

As per the latest information and unofficial sources, the game might be released in 2025, as the developers are focused on LEGO 2k25 GOAL. There is no official announcement or listing, only some unofficial leaked information on various forums.

What’ll happen to the current EA FC Mobile?

The FC Mobile will continue to evolve separately under the EA Sports License. It will not impact the game or its prospects as this will be a separate game made by a different company.

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