How to get Coins in Dream League Soccer? (All Methods)

To build a good team in Dream League Soccer, you must sign them from Transfer Window. It costs Coins to buy any available players from the transfer window.

You can even scout the player using an agent and recruit the player directly using Gems/Diamonds. Agents sign specific types of players for your team, depending upon the Agent you used. There are basically three types of agents, namely Common, Rare and legendary.

Earning Coins & Diamonds in DLS

There are many ways to get Unlimited coins in your DLS Account. It depends on your priority & budget. Some are easy, while others require your time or even money.

1 . Buy it from Playstore/Appstore.

You can head over to the top right corner of the screen and press the coins icon; a menu will pop up. Here, you can choose your favourite pack at your convenience. Please Note that the prices may vary for users, as the coin prices depend upon the location of the user playing.


2. Play Career Mode Matches

Playing Direct Offline matches is a fun way to practice your skills and, at the same time, earn coins and gems as a reward for winning the matches and scoring the goals.

3. Watch Ads

When you open the game, there is an icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you press that Video Icon, you can earn up to 50 coins by watching a paid Ad on your gaming screen.


4. Play Dream League Online

With reward comes the hard work, it is slightly competitive to play Online matches but the diamonds and coins are equally rewarding in this format. Ast is very competitive to win matches there, so you need a better team and good players in your team.

5. Complete Challenges

Are there any Daily Objectives and challenges present in the game, you can complete these easy challenges to earn some extra coins. These challenges are very easy to achieve, For Example: Win 3 Career Matches, Score 1 Header Goal, Save 1 Penalty, etc


6. Scenarios

You can find the scenarios section in the main menu, these scenarios are often related to any live match scenario or any famous historical matches that may have crept into a football fan’s heart.

You get to recreate those winning moments and also win coins at the same time.


7. Buy a Season Pass

Season Pass can be bought as low as $5, It lasts for a few weeks, and you can even claim some extra rewards by playing the game and earning XP.


Tip: Recently there were many hackers selling Accounts with lots of Coins and Diamonds for cheap prices, When these malpractices were noticed by the Developers, they banned all such accounts. So it is highly advisable to not buy such accounts or resources.

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