Juventus FC Kits for Dream League Soccer 2023 – DLS 23 Kit Url

Download Dls 23 Juventus 2020/21 kits Url. Just copy the link and paste it into your game. Juventus FC is an Italian expert football (soccer) group situated in Turin. Download more games and Dream League Soccer 2021 Kits.

Juventus FC Kits and Logo for DLS 23

Juventus is one of Italy’s most seasoned and best clubs, with more Italian group titles than some other group. The club was established in 1897. Juventus has triumphed in the Italian alliance, referred to since 1929 as Serie An, a record 35 times. The club has been home to football legends like Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, Alessandro Del Piero, and Cristiano Ronaldo. 


Juventus has figured out how to win 59 authority rivalries, which is more than some other Italian football crew has done. Of these, 48 successes are from residential rivalries, while 11 are from authentic global rivalries. You may also like Juventus Kit for DLS 19. If you want FC Barcelona Kits for DLS 23, then click here.
Juventus FC Logo

Juventus FC Logo url

Dls 23 Juventus Home Kit 2019-20

The Juventus Home kit 2019-20 for Dream League Soccer 2021 is half dark, half white. The Right Side of the Juventus 19-20 shirt is white and the left side is dark. And also, there’s a pink stripe between the two parts on the facade of the Juventus 19-20 home pack.
The ‘blocked’ look of the Dls 21 Juventus kits proceeds onto both sleeves, which are highly contrasting, individually. The entire structure proceeds on the upper and lower back, while a dark square covers the middle for the simpler readability of player names and numbers.
Dls 20 Juventus Home Kit 2019-20

Dls 23 Juventus Away Kit 2019-20

The Juventus FC 2019-20 away kit is for DLS 23 is prevalently white with Paw White Three Stripes and Red-colored logos. It includes a camouflage design on the front, the sleeves, and the back. In view of an entirely standard Adidas format for the new season, the Juventus 19-20 away shirt has a v-neckline and red design on the sleeves.
The Adidas Dls 23 Juventus kits with red/crude and white color complete the kit, while sometimes white color shorts can also be worn by the players. The socks of the new Adidas Juventus 19-20 away kit will be mostly/predominantly white with grayish applications and perhaps red-colored design.
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Dls 20 Juventus Away Kit 2019-20

Juventus Third Kit 2019-20

Just like the standard Adidas format, the Juventus 19-20 third kit for DLS 23 is mostly blue colored with logos in aero blue color.
Truth be told, the aero blue color utilized for the brandings and designing on the Juventus 2019-20 third shirt is exceptionally nearly white. What stands apart from most about the new Juventus 2019-2020 third shirt is a jacquard-printed camouflage pattern on the body and sleeves.


Juventus Third Kit 2019-20

Dls 23 Juventus Third Kit 2019-20



Juventus Gk Home Kit 2019-20

In Adidas format, with the resemblance of Bayern, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, the new dls 23 Juventus kits come with a conceptual all-over realistic print. Check DLS 19 Kits here.
It has a straightforward crew neck, which is strong dark black in color, while all logos just as the horizontal 3 Stripes are white. You may also like Champion of the fields.

Juventus Gk Home Kit 2019-20

Juventus Gk Away Kit 2019-20

The Juventus Goalkeeper Away for Dream League Soccer 2023 is almost the same as Goalkeeper Home Kit but is based on green color. You can Download DLS 23 Apk here.


Juventus Gk Third Kit 2019-20



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