Top 10 Midfielders in DLS 23

While playing a Dream League Online game it is very important to have a good midfielder who can not only create third-half passes but is also good and shooting.

Soccer isn’t just about flashy forwards or rock-solid defenders; it’s also about the maestros who control the game’s tempo—the midfielders. In this article, we’ve ranked the top 10 midfielders that you absolutely must have on your team.

Top 10 DLS 23 Midfielders

1. Kevin De Bruyne


  • Team: Manchester City
  • Speciality: Visionary passing, long-range shots
  • Overalls: 86

He is probably the most used DLS 23 Midfielder in the game as he is almost present in all the teams and his passing is very good while playing online competitive games.

De Bruyne isn’t just a midfielder; he’s a magician. With an eye for that killer pass and a knack for scoring from outside the box, he’s undoubtedly the puppeteer you want in the middle.

2. Rodri


  • Team: Manchester City
  • Specialty: Defensive coverage, accurate passing
  • Overalls: 83

He has a good combination of speed and shooting skills. The anchoring presence in City’s midfield, Rodri ensures that the transition from defence to offence is smooth as butter. If you are looking for a good backup Midfielder, he should be your first choice.

3. Luka Modric


  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Specialty: Ball control, dribbling
  • Overalls: 84

Age is just a number for this Croatian wizard. Modric’s ability to control the tempo is unparalleled in DLS 23. Luka is number one if you talk about dribbling and ball controlling and often he can be used for shooting the low-range crosses from your Winger.

4. Bruno Fernandes

  • Team: Manchester United
  • Overalls: 83

A very underrated player, who is very good in ball control and passing, the good thing about the player is that he is very cheap in transfer windows. Bruno, with his silky moves and deadly free-kicks, is a dream for every DLS player.

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5. Toni Kroos


  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Speciality: Passing range, game intelligence
  • Overalls: 83

Kroos is a very good substitute with good shooting skills and long-range passes in the game. The German maestro’s ability to pick a pass from anywhere is stuff legends are made of.

The best combination is to use Kroos as the substitute/Backup of Luka Modric in your midfield.

6. Pedri


  • Team: FC Barcelona
  • Specialty: Agility, quick turns
  • Overalls: 82

This player is very cheap and rarely used, he is another underrated midfield maestro. Young, agile, and incredibly talented, Pedri is Barcelona’s latest midfield sensation. He gives very good results when used properly.

7. Jude Bellingham

  • Team: Borussia Dortmund
  • Specialty: Versatility, stamina
  • Overalls: 82

After the recent bursting performance for Real Madrid, the player is all over the headlines Youth combined with prowess; Bellingham is one of the brightest prospects in the DLS 23 Midfielder List.

8. Frenkie De Jong

  • Team: FC Barcelona
  • Specialty: Ball retention, defensive intelligence
  • Overalls: 82

The Dutch prodigy ensures that the ball keeps rolling, acting as both shield and spear for his team. Good at controlling the ball and passes, a good choice as the 2nd midfielder.

9. Marco Verratti


  • Team: Paris Saint-Germain
  • Specialty: Ball distribution, tenacity
  • Overalls: 82

Small in stature but a giant in presence, Verratti is the engine of PSG’s midfield. Very rarely used in online teams, but gives good results when full of stamina.

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10. Casemiro

  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Specialty: Tackling, aerial dominance
  • Overalls: 83

He is a very good DLS 23 Midfielder in the field, but his height doesn’t allow him to be in the top 5 lists, his performance is definitely above any other average midfielder.

Just remember this list is subjective in nature and your favourite can be different do let us know in the comment if water is on your top 10 list.

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