The New LEGO 2K25 GOAL is here!! LEGO 2k GOAL Release Date

LEGO 2K25 GOAL is among the other interesting additions that may come in early 2026, as in a new partnership with FIFA(rumoured). There is a lot of Buzz around this game, so we look at the possible Release Date of FIFA LEGO 2K 25 and its mobile version, LEGO 2K 25 Mobile.

The game might be similar to Mini Soccer Star, but we may see a mobile version, too. This is another addition to the waitlist next to UFL and other soccer games.

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The New LEGO 2K 25 GOAL Game

An agency partnered with a Take-Two Interactive Gaming Studio for their LEGO 2K25 GOAL game. The game will be a soccer game, but it may have used Lego, so you can get a little bit of a Minecraft feel, as confirmed by all the possible sources.

There were some listings seen on social media recently that told us about possible future game listings. It may have four players teams with online mode gameplay.

Although there is no official source of the release date, some unofficial rumour says that the game announcement has been postponed due to the EURO 2024 games, and there will be an official announcement made in Mid-2025, somewhere near the EURO Games.

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