Players That Won’t Be In Dream League Soccer 2024

As we move towards the end of 2023 we also become close to the DLS 24 new season release. FTG usually release their new game between October and December.

When the new update of Dream League Soccer arrives there are many DLS 24 Players added and some removed as there is limited licence available for the developers to show the players and official team names and logo so they have to fully choose among which players to show and which official logo to show as they want to respect to the others copywrite commercial licensing and agreements.

When will the DLS New Season come out?

When the new DLS 24 Season arises usually many players either join the top teams and become part of people’s rosters or retire or move to another league due to which they often change their licensing jurisdictions.

So in this article, I will be sharing the list of players who probably may leave the new DLS 24 version of the game when the FTG releases it.

Player to be REMOVED (tentatively)

  1. Neymar

    • neymar-dls23
    • Neymar after he left PSG for the Saudi’s Al Hilal side transfer is probably expected to be not present in Dream League Soccer 2024 version.
      Although he is in the Brazilian team and the developers have all the licences for all the European and South American teams, still there is a big uncertainty around his availability. He is the biggest personality whom we may lose in future versions.
  2. Eden Hazard

    • hazard-dls23
    • Eden Hazard recently announced his retirement from all types of professional football so he will definitely be missed in future updates if you have one in your team you should keep and not sell or release the player from your current squad to enjoy the player in the future
  3. Milinkovic Savic

    • savic-dls23
    • After he joined the Saudi leak there is very little chance as the Serbian national team is not very well covered under the FIFPro Licence so it will be very interesting to see his availability in the game but most probably he won’t be present in the game.
  4. Paul Pogba

    • This player got banned for 2-3 years due to the use of illegal substances while playing professional football so he will surely big on from the next update. If you have him in your squad mature you keep it as he is a very good midfielder and probably helping you in your online matches.
  5. Koulibaly

    • koulibaly-dls23
    • He left for the Saudi Arabian League and as it is not covered under the developer’s licensing agreement he will surely miss in the new game
  6. Riyad Mahrez

  7. Edouard Mendy

    • eduoard-mendy-in-dls23
    • Mandi is also a very good goalkeeper in the game so if you have him in your DLS 24 Players Carryover Squad, make sure you keep and save the squad for the future so that you can play and use them in online matches as a backup keeper as he is one of the goat keepers.
  8. Roberto Firmino

    • firminno-dls23
  9. Min-Jae Kim

    • min-jae-kim-dls23
  10. Edin Dzeko

  11. David De Gea

    • de-gea-dls23
    • Things around how they will take you are very clear as he is a free agent as of now. But if he doesn’t choose any team there is a high possibility that he may be removed from the game but we should be hopeful that he joins a new team as soon as possible.
  12. Saint-Maximin

  13. Dusan Tadic

  14. Roger Ibanez

  15. Benzema

    • benzema-dls23
    • Benzema is still a top player who recently won the Ballon ‘dor award in France but he chose to pursue his passion in Saudi football this season as he left from Real Madrid side to Al Ittihad.
  16. Robin Gosen

  17. Wijnaldum

  18. David Silva

  19. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    • This player was earlier removed but if you still have him in the game just don’t remove a release from your squad at any cost as he is a rare player and very difficult to find in online games.
  20. Lucas Moura

  21. Alex Telles

    • alex-telles-dls23
    • Telles joined Al Nassr to join Cristiano Ronaldo and money if you have him and want a good left backup in your square then this place definitely needed in your squad.
  22. Dimitri Payet

    • dimitri-payet-dls23
  23. Coutinho

  24. Kevin Volland

  25. Naby Keita

Top 10 Players in DLS 23 (The Best Team & Players!)

The Summary/List of all the main players

2Eden Hazard
3Milinkovic Savic
4Paul Pogba
6Riyad Mahrez
7Edouard Mendy
8Roberto Firmino
9Min-Jae Kim
10Edin Dzeko
11David De Gea
13Dusan Tadic
14Roger Ibanez
16Robin Gosen
18David Silva
19Zlatan Ibrahimovic
20Lucas Moura
21Alex Telles
22Dimitri Payet
24Kevin Volland
25Naby Keita

If you think that we missed an important player in this DLS 24 Players list, make sure to comment on your thoughts and add the player to the comments section.

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