Well, the ratings and the player attributes are set by the developers of Dream League. But it is always the gamer’s choice to have their favourite player the best rating for their favourite players.

Dream League Soccer has always been in the mobile gamer’s heart. Watching your favourite player play and having good attributes makes the gamer feel proud and Happy playing with his idol as a legendary card.

What are Player Ratings?

Player ratings are the representation of the player’s overall skill levels in the game. It is very crucial in determining the performance and effectiveness of your player in your dream team.

A higher rating is better and essential for building a competitive squad 2 conquer competitive matches.

In this article, we have compiled the top 8 players loved by gamers and people who voted for them too: better ratings and skills attributes in the game.


Jamie Vardy has been A legend of the Premier League, especially Leicester City. He was the hero of their premier League 2015-16 winning Glory. 

He is also one of the most respected players in the Premier League and also one of the top scorers in the league.


Ibrahimovic is one of the other legends with a home everybody wants to play the game with. After his retirement at 41, it is no longer possible to get his card in any of the games. But some players do have his cards from the DLS 20 version when he used to play in Serie A.




Marcelo, being one of the most decorated Real Madrid players, is also one of the fan’s favourites. Everybody wants to see him in 80 OVR Card. Here is a concept of how his card would have looked when he used to play in Real Madrid in his prime.


Carvajal is another player with a vibrant history with Real Madrid. He not only supported Madrid Defence but also holds the record for most Champions League in his name.

This is the younger version of him and how he would have looked if you had an 81 OVR player in Dream League Soccer 23.



How to improve player Overalls(OVR) in DLS?

You can improve your player ratings through training and applying diamonds on the player card. This allows you to increase the player’s attributes to fit your team’s style of play.


Well, many more good players did the better cards and ratings. Player ratings are a fundamental aspect of Dream League. If you want to win matches against a Maxed-out team and succeed in career mode, you should build a balanced squad with high-rated players in their respective positions.

Make sure you share your player’s list in the comment section.

Note: This list is subjective and does not compare the player’s actual attributes with each other. These are just the concept cards, not the real in-game cards.

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