Spiderman Kits for DLS 24 (Dream league Soccer 2024)

If you are a Spiderman fan and you want to play DLS 24 with Spider-Man Kits, then here you can find the links of all Spider-Man kits DLS 24 Home, Away, and 3rd Kits below.

Spiderman Kits for Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24)

Download Spiderman Kits for DLS 24 below. You don’t have to copy the kit link manually. Now open the link and paste it into the customize kit section of the game. The kit import process is straightforward all you have to do is just copy the URL and paste it into your game.

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How to get Spiderman Kit in DLS 24?

  1. Press the Copy button above the link of the kit.
  2. Just click on the copy button of the kit you want to import into the game.
  3. The link will be copied to your clipboard. You don’t have to copy the link text manually.
  4. Next, open your Dream League Soccer 2024, and go to the import kits section. Paste the link text, and click on the download button. Your kits will automatically be downloaded.

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Spiderman Logo for Dream League Soccer

This is the plain logo representing the Spider-Man mask, it is cut in circles which can be easily imported and it looks good when imported into the game.



Spiderman 1st Kit for DLS 24

Spider-Man first kit is based on a black colour with a spider web design throughout the upper chest and abdomen.

A big spider logo at the back of the DLS 24 kit, including the shorts is black with no major design graphics present.



Spiderman 2nd Kit for DLS 24

The second kit has a little bit of designing difference with some extra modern cuts around the socks sleep and even the back. There is even a modern spider logo in front of the chest.

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3rd Kit for Dream League Soccer 2024

DLS 24 Spider-Man kit is made with two prime colours of the main Spider-Man suit consisting of dark blue and maroon red colour.

This is a very special kit with a modern design and special cuts that run throughout the kit. The logo is also very special with some modern designs in the spider logo.



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