Top 10 Players in Dream League Soccer 2024 (DLS 24)

DLS 2024 is the latest instalment in the franchise, featuring updated graphics, gameplay mechanics, and 23-24 player rosters. One of the most exciting additions in DLS 2024 Mod is the new players with incredible speed and new skills and attributes.

After analyzing all the latest player ratings and starting here, I have compiled the top 10 most dominant players you can use on your team to achieve success and win online tier matches.

From lightning-fast fingers to solid finishers like Halland, these beasts are ready to help you in your online tire matches and when the ultimate challenge. They have the tripling skills to get past all the walls and defenders of the opponent and the aerial dominance to leap up and thump headers home.

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Top 10 Best Players in DLS 24

Whether you prefer an all-out offence or balanced formations, having one or more of these top Players in DLS 24 will give your team a competitive edge against any opponent.

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Remember that only Total Overalls doesn’t determine the player’s performance on the pitch. Still, it is the performance and tactical ability of the gamer who sits with his hands glued to their mobile screens. Here are the ten most overpowered players that will be absolute forces in Dream League Soccer 2024.

1. Kylian Mbappe – PSG


The French National has pure pace and scoring ability and has a staggering 86 overalls in DLS 24. With 94 speed and 94 acceleration, he is one of the fastest players in the game, and you can take advantage of him by using him in the wing or just in the striker position. 92 shooting overall, act Aisa icing on the top if you use it in the striking position in your team.

His dribbling and skill moves leave defenders in the dust, and his clinical finishing means every shot threatens the net. Building your DLS 24 attack around Mbappe is a surefire way to devastate opponents on the counter.

2. Erling Haaland – Man City


Erling Halland is the perfect striker that any team needs on the top of the offence. With 95 shooting and 93 Striking skills, he is the best striker.

His 195 cm height helps you to tackle other prominent defenders that can come in the wave, and his speed is also above 90, making it the best blend of talent and striking ability for a player of this stats.

3. Vinicius Jr. – Real Madrid


If you are looking for a fast and reliable Winger, then Vinicius Jr. is the perfect choice, as he has the right amount of boil control and speed in Dream League Soccer 2024.

With a staggering 92 speed and acceleration in control over the ball, it also makes him unique as he has 92 control over all in the game. His shooting and passing skills are also impressive, and you can rely on him to set up your offense.

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4. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City

If you are looking for some mid-fielding option, someone else can match the brillions of Kevin De Bruyne. The Belgian maestro has an 86 rating at 32, 95 passing, and 87 dribbling. He can spray pinpoint crosses, slide immaculate through balls, or dribble through the heart of defenses himself.

His well-rounded attributes (85 shooting/83 Stamina) also make him a defensive force, relentlessly pressing opponents and starting lethal counters. De Bruyne is the best offensive weapon for any DLS 24 Team.

5. Lionel Messi – Inter Miami


With a very unexpectedly high rating of 86, Lionel Messi has the best control over the ball, as he has 95 control overall. His 91 passing and shooting skills combined with this control result in a magical trickery you can rely upon, and you even use him as a midfielder to shoot some long rangers to try your luck and skill.

If you perfect him on the training around them, this is the best strategy to shoot long ranges using Lionel Messi as your center midfielder instead of striking position.

6. Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid

Thus far, we’ve focused on attackers, but no DLS 24 squad is complete, with an elite goalkeeper anchoring the defense. Although Ederson and Alison are more often used in online games, Oblak still performs better in-game.

With Oblak in the net, even the most potent strikers in DLS 24 will need help finding the back of the net. Courtois is another good choice you can go with in Online Matches.

7. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool


Over on the wings, Mohamed Salah remains arguably the most dangerous wide player in world football. The Egyptian speedster terrorizes backlines with 90 acceleration and 88 control, and his 85 rating is at age 31.

Salah also creates space for teammates with his dribbling and can spray pinpoint crosses into the box. Equipping your Players in DLS 24 with his explosive speed and scoring gives you an instant offensive weapon. With a 90 shooting, he can also act as your striker when necessary.

8. Robert Lewandowski – Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski, the undisputed best pure striker in modern football, will be an absolute force leading the line in DLS 24. Although 35 years old, his 84 rating reflects that he remains unstoppable in the box, backed up by 94 shootings and 85 dribbling.

Lewandowski can score from anywhere inside the area, battling defenders aerially or finding half a yard of space for a clinical low shot. He’s the ultimate target man and poacher rolled into one, guaranteed to rack up goals in DLS 24 by exploiting even the slightest defensive lapses. Although he may miss other players, his pace, control, and shooting skills are enough for him to be in your starting 11.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo – Al Nassr


Cristiano Ronaldo will be an attacking force in DLS 24 despite entering his late 30s. His 83 rating at 38 years old speaks to his longevity, and he still boasts a lethal 92 shooting and 83 control.

CR7 remains unmatched at finding space in the box and punishing teams with clinical headers and volleys. You can use him for long-range shots as he can battle through back lines or blaze down wings and cut inside to unleash his signature bent shots.

10. Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool

Rounding out the top 10 is CB Virgil Van Dijk, who remains the world’s most dominant defender. Although the developers added a new competitor, Kim still old gamers prefer him over Maignan or Kim Min-Jae.

His main strength is the height, which can help you tackle the danger faced by C-Spammers. Van Dijk’s positioning and tackling are also immaculate, cutting out through balls and crosses. He anchoring your defense is the easiest way to keep clean sheets in DLS 24.

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How many do you have on your team?

From game-breaking attackers to brick-wall defenders and keepers, these top players will elevate your Players in DLS 24 to the next level. Remember, these rankings are not official but a compilation of some top players you should have to win the game. Building your club by spending coins and diamonds around as many of these players as possible is the surest way to win Dream League matches.

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