Top 5 Video Editing Apps in Android in 2022

Top Video Editing Apps in 2022: This is our review of the 5 Best Editing Apps Android for 2022. After a thorough evaluation of the top options, we’ll show you the benefits and drawbacks to help choose the best one for you. Next, we’ll end with my top recommendation for the best video editing software available on Android smartphones, tablets, and Android phones.

editing apps android

I would love to hear your opinions on my top choices and if you disagree. There are many editing apps for Android that can be used to edit videos. You can find apps like Adobe Premiere Rush and Cute CUT.

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Best Editing Apps in Android

So, after all our testing and experimenting and experimenting, we’ve come up with a list of the top three apps available right now available for Android. Let’s look at these three apps in greater depth.

5. Alight Motion

Alight Motion

Alight Motion allows you to edit all videos stored on your Android phone. The interface is well-organized and you can edit the videos in any way you like in just a few seconds.

Alight Motion has a timeline that allows you to drag and drop files. This app offers a variety of timelines for audio, videos, and images. It’s easy to organize your editing. You can access all projects that you have started to manage from the main tab.

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There are many options available to adjust the color or create transitions that combine clips. Post-production can be fun with animations and cool effects. You can even use templates to make it easier to edit.

Alight Motion allows you to take full advantage of all the videos that have been saved to your phone. You can do everything without having to use many other apps or require a lot of knowledge. You can also export to a variety of formats, so compatibility shouldn’t be a problem.

What does it do?

If you’re interested in creating animated videos or motion graphics, Alight Motion can help you create professional-looking video clips and motion graphics with your smartphone.

The app offers a great set of tools for editing videos and photos. You can also create animations and motion graphics with the amazing features available. You can also create fine audio and sound effects.

Alight Motion Features

Amazing tools for animations & Motion graphics

Alight Motion allows you to make amazing changes to your animated library. The app can create amazing animations and motion graphics, with bitmap and vector support. You can also edit vector graphics directly on your smartphone. You can create your favorite animations quickly and easily.

Import your editing materials

Android users can import editing materials from their internal storage or the online library into Alight Motion to make editing easier and more accessible.

Add a variety of effects to your videos

The app includes a powerful editor and animation system that allows you to create multiple visual effects. The app includes a variety of color options, including a complete color selection and brilliant gradient fill effects. You can add border and shadow effects to your animated items.

Editing videos in multiple layers

Alightmotion is the best Editing Apps Android to help you get started in the world of animating and video editing. You’ll also have access to the Layered Settings, which allow you to add multiple layers of audio, video, and graphics.

Save your favorites quickly

Last but not least, after you have mastered editing videos and creating animated with Alight Motion, you will be able to make the app even more intuitive and user-friendly by using its amazing shortcuts.

Alight Motion



CapCut is an Editing Apps in Android and iOS video editor app. CapCut was developed by Bytedance. It is well-known for its ability to create social media videos. This app is premium and professional. Everything edited in it looks amazing.

The app is so simple and optimized that even a beginner editor can use it to do their job professionally. Because it offers features that are not available in other video editing programs, this app stands out from the rest. It doesn’t require you to use its logo in your video, it is unrestricted. You can edit in any format, from 720p to 4K. This app makes editing video fast and simple, which is great for beginners.

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Edit in different formats

CapCut allows you to edit your videos in any format you like. There are no restrictions. Editing high-resolution videos from a mobile app are now easy. These amazing Editing Apps Android can easily edit and export any resolution video, no matter how high-quality it may be, such as 720p or 1080p. This advanced feature is used by professionals to create amazing videos.

Transitions and filters

CapCut is a popular tool for creating amazing transitions and filters. It has many vintage and new filters to suit every kind of image. These amazing filters will make your day. They are just as impressive as the professional videos you see online made by filmmakers. You can use hundreds of transitions. You can access every transition and filter with just one tap.

Advanced tool

It has many advanced and main tools, including the ability to cut, trim and reverse. You can also adjust and add clips. CapCut offers a great feature that allows you to import music and make adjustments to your video. You can modify your videos with the same tools on both Android and iOS. You can edit your footage with tools such as speed changing, reverse, and split. This will make it look more professional.

Amazing User Interface

CapCut’s video editor is extremely user-friendly. It has a lightweight interface, and it can run on any low-end device. The user interface is so easy and intuitive that anyone can edit their videos using this app without difficulty.

Use it free of charge

CapCut is completely free to use. You don’t need to pay any extra for features such as filters and transitions. You can use all premium and professional elements completely free of charge. It is being widely used all over the globe. This application does not require an account.

Completely Secure and Safe

CapCut is completely free and does not require any additional permissions or access to other files and folders. CapCut is very safe and won’t cause any damage to your phone. You can scan it with any anti-virus software you like. This application should make you feel completely at ease.



3. Viva Cut-Pro

Viva Cut-Pro

You can make professional visuals by making use of the amazing video editing tools in VivaCut. VivaCut’s amazing in-app capabilities allow you to create your first Hollywood movie. The app offers a wide range of editing and customization options. VivaCut will be accessible to most Android users thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Learn more about the amazing mobile app by VivaCut professionals video editor with our reviews.

What is it used for?

This amazing mobile video editor app by VivaCut is perfect for those who want to add some artistic elements to their videos. You can add dozens of cinematic visual effects to your videos, change the blending options, and many other amazing features.

VivaCut Editing Apps Android allows you to edit certain videos in depth using the multi-layer timeline. You can use the green screen or chroma key features of VivaCut to create amazing visual effects with a mobile device. You can also create amazing videos for multiple social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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The best part is that the whole experience can be completed with your mobile device and VivaCut.

Viva Cut-Pro features

These are just a few of the incredible features the game offers:

Android users can now use the professional video editing app

Android users will now have a powerful video editor app for the first time. This allows them to make many changes and personalize their videos. The app offers professional editing features and intuitive options for creating Hollywood-style movies.

Enjoy multiple video editing features

VivaCut includes a variety of useful commands as well as an intuitive editing interface. This allows you to quickly access these features.

Editing commands and intuitive control

VivaCut will also introduce Android users to its intuitive commands for editing and managing videos.

Enjoy the intuitive and powerful editing app

VivaCut offers a unique editing feature that is only available to certain users. You can create amazing and engaging videos using the Picture in Picture view. This allows for better exposures and greater attractiveness. You can also use the Collage to add images and edit your clips to make them viral.

Export your videos and share them

You can complete your in-app experience by having the videos exported and shared on various social networks. You can choose your preferred resolution among all the presets. These features will allow you to quickly present your stunning and fascinating videos. You can rename, save, and share the videos online using just one button.

There are many interesting features for the future

Android users will have access to new features and personalization in the app. This makes it more user-friendly and fun. Android users can explore the animated text in VivaCut using a quick editor app that allows them to edit their texts quickly. You can also enjoy the undo/redo options on your mobile device.

Use it free of charge

VivaCut can be installed on your smartphone or tablet for free if you’re interested. As you make progress, you can access the app via the Google Play Store.

Viva Cut-Pro

2. Power Director

Power Director mobile

Your Android device’s powerful hardware has allowed for many amazing apps and functions that allow you to fully use your devices to perform highly-demanding tasks. You can browse the Internet, answer emails, play games, and even capture and edit your own videos with many editor apps and their helpful features. has a new app that allows you to create videos and add amazing visual effects. This powerful video editor app has tons of useful and interesting options that will appeal to many users. Its optimized features allow users to maximize their hardware. It allows you to create amazing pieces of work using its features.

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What is it used for?

As we speak, PowerDirector: Editing Apps in Android is one of the most popular video editor apps in the Google Play Store. Despite its incredible feature, it easily ranks among the top video editor apps and is awarded Editor’s Choice.

Android users can edit their videos in full and have them exported at maximum quality. You can make tons of customizations to your videos using multiple editing tools that you have at your disposal.

The app features a video editor on the PC that allows users to edit videos on different devices. This makes it easier for Android users to enjoy a more comfortable experience than ever before. You can capture and save your videos, or download them from your local storage. Then you can customize your mobile device as many times as you like.

Features of Power Director

These are just a few of the incredible features the app offers:

A simple and effective editor that allows you to make visual customizations.

Android PowerDirector users will have access to the intuitive and simple video editor. This allows you to make tons of visual customizations in just seconds. You simply need to select the desired videos and then make multiple changes by selecting them.

You can start by making your videos faster or slower using the fast-forward and slow-motion views. These simple but interesting features allow you to create funny and unique clips. You can also use the built-in stabilizer options to stabilize your video if it was captured quickly and is not stable. This can be extremely useful with just one touch.

There are dozens of powerful tools to edit videos

If you are interested in making professional videos and want to make the most of your device’s hardware, you will also find amazing in-game editing tools.

You can easily add effects to your videos.

PowerDirector allows Android users to add visual effects to their edited videos. These elements can be used to enhance your final edits. You can add multiple effects or transitions to your videos by using simple gesture controls.

Video production is quick and simple

PowerDirector is a mobile app that can quickly produce stunning videos at high quality.

A huge selection of editing materials

The app has a huge collection of editing materials for those who are interested. The app has many templates, effects, and transitions. There are also stickers, filters, etc. PowerDirector’s amazing editing tools allow you to easily modify your videos. Gamers can also download the pro version for unique content.

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Use it free of charge

PowerDirector Editing Apps in Android which offers a free version to all Android users, despite its incredible features. You can get the app by searching for it on the Google Play Store.

Power Director

1. Kine Master – The best Editing Apps Android

Editing Apps Android


KineMaster is a video Editing Apps in Android that combines a beautiful interface with powerful features and a great user experience. You can create videos exactly the way you want.

KineMaster is easy to use: simply choose the content that you wish to add to your video and then add a title. You can then choose a theme for your video. This will also include an introduction. You are done! However, you can edit your video in more detail if you wish.

Even though it is more difficult, KineMaster allows you to edit your video from the timeline. You can add transitions between different video segments (either photo, videos), and even add text blocks or subtitles.

KineMaster allows you to save your edited project to your device in various quality options. You can also upload the video to YouTube or Facebook.

KineMaster is an easy-to-use but powerful video editing tool. It can create videos in a matter of seconds. However, it can also be used to create more complex projects if you wish to spend more time.


Kinemaster Pro Features -Editing Apps in Android

Many features make editing easy and fast. These include color correction and contrast control, text overlays that have different fonts and animation styles as well as speed changes (slow motion/fast forward), cropping/splitting options, and the ability to merge clips together. The app allows you to add photos to your gallery and create new ones.

Download this Editing Apps Android apk by clicking on the link given below. After downloading kinemaster APK, and following the instructions above, you will be able to create professional videos for YouTube or other social networks. You can then post those videos to make money online.

High-Resolution Export Quality

The Editing Apps Android can also export high-resolution video. This means that you can choose the resolution you prefer when you export your video to your gallery or another social media platform. There are three low resolution options: 360p, 480p and SD 540p. You also have HD 720p and FHD 1080p options. To export your video, you can choose from any of these resolution options.

Thematic Features

This video editor app has many thematic features, such as the ability to adjust brightness and colors. You can adjust the brightness and color combinations of the video using different controls. These controls are great for creating a mood or vibe in the video.

Reversing Video Feature

KineMaster Mod APK allows you to reverse the entire video regardless of the reason. This was only available to KineMaster Premium users, but KineMaster Mod APK now offers this feature for all its users.

Direct sharing to social media

All your videos can be shared directly with your social media accounts. This means that you don’t have to save your video separately before sharing it on any of the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Chroma Key

Most users don’t know this feature. The KineMaster Mod APK uses the Chroma key to alter the background. Sometimes users don’t like the background, or simply want to change the background of the video ads they create with KineMaster. To give your videos a different background, the chroma keys were introduced.

Speed adjustment

You can adjust the speed of your videos with this feature. KineMaster’s new feature allows you to slow down or increase your video speed. The free version allows you to increase speed by 2x, but this version lets you increase speed up to 16x.

Kinemaster Pro Mod

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