What happened to FIFA Mobile? Download FIFA Apk

If you are looking for FIFA Mobile and struggling to find FIFA while searching for it in Playstore. Then this article is for you as we put more light on the topic.

So it’s just another normal day and you searched for this game in the store you couldn’t find it. FC Mobile was at the top! Which was for a lot of people confusing and infuriating. Where was everybody’s favourite FIFA Mobile? What has happened to it? Soon people realised it had changed its name. But why? Why would such a successful game change its name? So many questions.

Well, the company that made FIFA Mobile, EA had an official licence from FIFA to use their name. Because of this licence, they were able to use FIFA’s name which created a sort of trust. Which helped EA to get more active players. But the licence ended this year. EA and FIFA are not extending their use of an official licence in the game from this year onwards. And that is why they had to drop FIFA from their name. So, they adopted this new name. And that is why the game is now called EA Sports FC Mobile Soccer.


FIFA Mobile is one of the most popular games for mobile and tablets. They had original team names, club names and player names. Amazing graphics created an amazing immersive experience. You had to collect and level up players and your team. Participate in FIFA events to win rewards.

The controls of the game were fluid and there were a lot of skills that you were able to perform with your player.


New game with lots of New Additions

FC Mobile is where you will be able to experience the next level of gameplay because it is where authenticity meets innovation. They have diverse animations in the game and true player personality which brings genuine player attributes to life. This means that a player in real life will behave the same way in the game.

The game speed is very dynamic which will emphasise the player’s impact on the pitch and the game. Because of the elite shooting systems, the player will be able to show off their skills by mastering impact controls like power shot, hard tackle and knock for evolutionary scoring and defending techniques.

The dynamic cameras and a quick, impactful replacement will make you immerse in a broadcast-like experience. The realistic sound effects and the live on-field audio commentary will make you feel stadium. You can enhance your match day by unlocking stadiums and weather modes and creating an environment that you like.

Get ready to meet football legends and participate in leagues and global competitions in EA Sports FC Mobile. Over 15,000 fully licenced players, more than 650 teams and more than 30 leagues to choose from.

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New Champions League Mode

Now there is Ultimate UCL Tournament mode. You can unlock all 32 qualified teams and journey from the group stages to the final to claim the championship glory. You will get to experience the authentic usual experience because of the specialised broadcasting, official stadium art and the iconic trophy ceremony.

The commentary will be localised, and you will be able to feel the electrifying match atmosphere wherever you play.  By taking part in the playable live events that correspond with the real-world tournaments, you will be able to unlock all players from the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League.


Now there is a locker room where you can get a closer look at each player you have in the roster. You will get a lot of customization options where you can customise the player’s kit or boots including Club Crest, Ball, Jersey, kit, kit style and number.

In the upcoming EA Sports FC Mobile season, reaching higher levels in the current season will earn you better rewards. Your in-game performance determines these rewards, which include Founders Points usable for players, coins, and various cool items like logos, kits, stadiums, and emotes.

The game despite the FIFA License maintains authentic licenses for various football players, leagues, and competitions, offering an unmatched mobile football experience. Certain aspects like user details, points, and bans will carry over, but items like player roster, coins, gems, and certain in-game progress won’t.

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